5540 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC  27606 | 919-424-6346 |info.cvsgnc@gmail.com

A hand up not a hand out

5540 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC  27606 | 919-424-6346 |info.cvsgnc@gmail.com

Carolina Veterans Support Group

Carolina Veterans Support Group

When you donate or contribute to a non-profit do you have any idea how your gift is used?

We try to make everything simple!


When you submit a donation, we shall deduct 15% of your funds and this shall be used to help defray standard operating cost of CVSG.  The remaining funds shall be used to address other service and assistance to Senior Veterans.

Donations may vary from $5.00 to $5,000 and we suggest that donations come from individual donors.


​A pledge is different!   A pledge is specific in that funds are used to help specific Senior Veterans.  Pledged funds represent a sum of money promised to pay to CVSG to be used in support of a single Senior Veteran or group of Senior Veterans. Pledged funds are retained by the organization making the pledge and are released to CVSG when requested for the assistance of Senior Veteran.  In each case, we shall deduct 15% of the disbursement to defray the operating cost of CVSG.  The balance of the disbursement will go to assist Senior Veterans.

Photographs of the Senior Veteran, the work to be done or the appliances to be replaced shall be included in the packet requesting a pledge disbursement.   The Senior Veteran shall only be identified by their initials and the county in which hey reside.   This is done to maintain the Senior Veterans privacy at all times.  Photographs of the finished work or appliances replaced shall be provided those groups participating in the particular disbursal.

We prefer to receive pledges in the amounts of:

​$250     $500     $1,000     $1,500     $2,000   $2,500   $5,000     or more.