A hand up not a hand out

Home Maintenance

  • Veterans face the hardships of simple home maintenance. Adding to this hardship gap the Veteran is often without funds or physical stamina!   Just to live at the basic level a Veteran or family may have the need for repair of an appliance or its replacement.   Other times they may need home repairs, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC repairs. Working with local civic and social organizations such as Councils on Aging, Churches, and other non-profit groups, Carolina Veterans Support Group works toward providing support directly or indirectly to address the needs of basic living.

Veteran Advocacy

  • Veterans simply do not know where or how to obtain services offered by governmental agencies or non-profits. Working with volunteers and other organizations, we provide general information about services available to Veterans, and assistance to access these services. This is a critical part of Veteran Advocacy.

Pride in Self Communities

  • To acquire and maintain real estate  for use by the Carolina Veterans Support Groups local "Pride in Self Campus", an organization intended to address the difficulties experienced by Homeless Veterans suffering from PTSD and related difficulties.​

Our Vision

Our Purpose

Our Mission

Pride in themselves
A commitment to Shared Responsibilities

5540 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC  27606 | 919-424-6346 |info.cvsgnc@gmail.com

Carolina Veterans Support Group

Carolina Veterans Support Group

Our vision is to develop a network of "Pride in Self" communities designed to recover one of our greatest assets and that is our Veterans.   


  • Many Veterans are more mature and responsible at the age of 25 than the average citizen at the age of 40.
  • The Veteran has learned to "Make a  Decision" while the average citizen learns to avoid a decision.
  • A Veteran understands the importance of "Team Work" to accomplish a goal while the average citizen believes in "every man for himself", a trait exhibited throughout our society today.

Out intent is to reclaim these valuable resources for themselves, their families, our society and country. Our Veterans will leave one of our communities having accomplished two major goals.

5540 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC  27606 | 919-424-6346 |info.cvsgnc@gmail.com