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Carolina Veterans Support Group

Carolina Veterans Support Group

Veteran Clients

Here is a home of a handicapped Veteran (GJ) who lives in Central North Carolina.   He lives most of his day in a wheel chair (notice the ramp!)  The home was built in 1947 and GJ lives here with his wife and son (20+) who is mentally challenged.   Please view the slides posted below for more knowledge of the inside of the house.   We need you help!  Give up a hamburger, fries and a drink and send us $5.  Give up a dinner out with the family and send us $25.   We'll take any help you can give!

A Platoon Sgt, this time in steamy North Carolina.  He and his family have been struggling to cool their 1,100 square foot home with a window unit designed for one room.   We added a second unit large enough to cool the entire home.

Let us introduce Charley, an 82 year old Wake County Veteran who has never even had a VA identification card. We took Charley to the VA hospital and got his card and ever since, proudly shows his ID to anyone who will listen.

What ever it takes!

Juan is a 68 year old Lenoir County Veteran of Vietnam.  

He suffers from COPD (4th stage) and must use oxygen.  

PTSD is a close friend, and recently he was treated for thyroid cancer. Like many Veterans it's not easy for him to ask for help. He has a leak in the upstairs bathroom that comes through the ceiling in their bedroom (right over their bed). We are going to Kinston and see what is needed and see if we can help.  

Stay Tuned!   

5540 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC  27606 | 919-424-6346 |info.cvsgnc@gmail.com

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