5540 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC  27606 | 919-424-6346 |info.cvsgnc@gmail.com

A hand up not a hand out

5540 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC  27606 | 919-424-6346 |info.cvsgnc@gmail.com

Carolina Veterans Support Group

Carolina Veterans Support Group

Can you help us write our monthly newsletter?

We can use your help in so many ways?

We need help with building a data base, providing assistance with VA programs.   (We cannot help a Veteran apply for assistance, but we can help the Veteran in following their requests for assistance.  

If you have ever wanted to help a Veteran, this may be the best way.

Volunteer Oportunities

 Ed Miller 
​Johnson Couny

We need volunteers who have experience in planning and executing events of all types!  

Golf tournaments, paint ball events and many others.  

Fun for the volunteers and the participants alike.

Can you help us plan and execute Events?

Juan Eric Cantu
Lenoir County

G Jeans
​Wake Couny

We'd like to distribute a Monthly Newsletter to all of our members of Carolina Veterans Support Group in North and South Carolina.   Admittedly, we have no experience in preparing a Newsletter, so anyone who has experience with Word or Publisher or similar programs would be welcome with open arms.

Can you help with Equipment Suppliers?

One of our major objectives is to help establish Veteran Owned Business. 

Our Veterans are not looking for a Hand Out!  

Rather a Hand Up!    

As many of these small manufacturing entities require tools and equipment, Volunteers are needed to establish contact with many vendors and manufacturers of such equipment.  

If you have experience with acquisitions such as these, please help us!

Rene Haithcox
Chatham County.